Professional Answering Services Boost YOUR Growth!

Professional Answering Services

      Professional Answering Services Boost YOUR Growth! We as businesspeople face immense competition, and that is why it is important for us to focus on ‘customer care and support.’  That being said, most small to medium businesses do not have an ‘in-house’ customer support service department that caters to the inquiries/complaints of their customers 24/7. Some businesses have a full-time … Read More

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Voting by Mail 2020

If you plan to vote by mail, plan ahead.A Public Service Announcement (PSA).Please read this important information.If you vote by mail, here are some ways to a secure, effective way to deliver yourballot. Use this checklist to prepare.❏ Start today. Give yourself and our election officials ample time to complete theprocess.❏ Rules and dates for registration to vote by Oct … Read More

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Deutsche Bank Analysts

24 hour answering service age comparison chart

“‘Intergenerational conflict’ is getting worse, Deutsche Bank analysts warn” Young people and their elders do not always see eye to eye, as evidenced by things like ‘Ok Boomer’ and Pimco founder Bill Gross’s new investment outlook letter that bashes his son for having the audacity to have tattoos. The Gross vs. Gross feud is unfortunately just the tip of the … Read More

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Labor Day

24 hour Answering Service

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of U. S. workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September.  It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a Federal Holiday in 1894.  It is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of U. S. workers.  It constitutes a yearly annual tribute … Read More

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Do You Need an Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service: How to decide if you need an Answering Service What hours will your telephone lines be open? Do you need a dedicated person or a shared person to answer the telephone? What kind of telephone call are you expecting to receive? Answers to the above three questions will guarantee you better service while increasing your customer satisfaction … Read More

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5 Surprises an Answering Service Can Do for Your Business


Answering services have been around since last century.  Maybe you have used an Answering Service  in the past for message taking or for call forwarding. With advances in technology, and many new ways to integrate coupled with great customer service, today’s Answering Services do more than you might think.  Here is a list of 5 surprising services today’s Answering Services … Read More

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Avoiding Busy Signals and Loosing Customers

24 hour bay area answering service

Have you ever thought about how companies receive many simultaneous telephone calls with not one person experiencing a busy signal? To handle multiple callers you need a call answering service such as Call 24 Communications. Telephone line rollover is the method used to allow more than one caller to get through by routing each caller through the next available phone … Read More

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7 Essentials to Customer Service

24 hour live customer service

1.      Be aware of the 3 things every Customer wants when it comes to your Customer service: a.     Want to be heard b.     Want to be understood c.     Want to be cared for and made to feel important. 2.      S. E. C a.     Smile b.     Eye Contact c.     Comment 3.      Listen to your Customer 4.      Empathize with your Customer when they are having issues 5.      Create solutions for your clients issues … Read More

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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need Telephone Answering Service

1.   People Like People 2.   Never Miss A Sales Call Again 3.   Saves you Time 4.   Saves You Money 5.   Increase Your Productivity ‘Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need Telephone Answering Service’ 1.   People Like People – How many times have you called a new company only to get a voice mail; or worse no answer at all.  Most potential clients will not wait to be called … Read More

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