Avoiding Busy Signals and Loosing Customers

24 hour bay area answering service

Have you ever thought about how companies receive many simultaneous telephone calls with not one person experiencing a busy signal? To handle multiple callers you need a call answering service such as Call 24 Communications. Telephone line rollover is the method used to allow more than one caller to get through by routing each caller through the next available phone … Read More

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7 Essentials to Customer Service

24 hour live customer service

1.      Be aware of the 3 things every Customer wants when it comes to your Customer service: a.     Want to be heard b.     Want to be understood c.     Want to be cared for and made to feel important. 2.      S. E. C a.     Smile b.     Eye Contact c.     Comment 3.      Listen to your Customer 4.      Empathize with your Customer when they are having issues 5.      Create solutions for your clients issues … Read More

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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need Telephone Answering Service

1.   People Like People 2.   Never Miss A Sales Call Again 3.   Saves you Time 4.   Saves You Money 5.   Increase Your Productivity ‘Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need Telephone Answering Service’ 1.   People Like People – How many times have you called a new company only to get a voice mail; or worse no answer at all.  Most potential clients will not wait to be called … Read More

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When The Holidays are Just Too Much

24 hour phone answering service

 Around the holidays, it’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed.  Psychology Today offered some suggestions that may help you stay merry and bright, no matter what the season brings.  Don’t lose sight of what makes you happy.  It is easy to become obsessed with everything being perfect.  If you find yourself snapping because the shopper next to you got the last one, … Read More

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Let Call24 Answer Your Calls

Owning and running a business can be a lot of work.  It’s important to take some time away so you stay fresh.  Don’t worry,  you won’t miss anything.  You’ll be in good hands with Call24. It’s probably safe to say that your business takes up a large portion of your time.  But all that hard work and time you put … Read More

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Stay Connected to Your Business

Ensuring that your clients can reach you every time they require your services is very important for your business. Most times, delays caused in providing your clients, stakeholders or staff with timely response to their queries can result in loss of money and business opportunities. However, with the growth in technology, there are numerous ways to ensure that you stay … Read More

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7 tips to enjoy the holiday season

The holiday season can be a busy time huge for sales and customer service. However, time with your family and friends is just as valuable. So, how do you step away from your business and at the same time make sure your business does not miss opportunities and fulfilling customer needs? Here are 7 tips to enjoy the holiday season: … Read More

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How to Budget for an Answering Service

Can your business go without using an answering service in this ever-changing, dynamic corporate world?  Most business owners will tell you, “No.”  This is especially true when the demands of running your business leave you with less and less time to answer client phone calls. You know when it comes to quality, you get what you paid for. Therefore it … Read More

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Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent

top qualities of a call center agent

Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent   Call center agents or virtual office agents are the human element of your brand that create a lasting impression and contribute to the lifelong value of your clients. Simply put, they are the main determining factor of whether a customer will continue conducting business with your organization. And with the … Read More

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Does an Answering Service Cost More Than Hiring On-Site Staff

Irrespective of the size your company, ensuring that your clients can contact you whenever they need your services is very important. For start up businesses, it is easy to stay on top of incoming calls yourself or with your staff. However, as business grows, the demands for running the company can leave you with less and less time to dedicate … Read More

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