Controlling Callers’ Expectations

24/7 Answering Service and Call Center

Controlling a caller’s expectation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to happy callers.  Happy callers will make happy clients. What do I mean when I say “Controlling the caller’s expectations?”  A call center representative is trained to handle each call as it comes in.  No matter how well we are trained we are not part of … Read More

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Secure Messaging in the Medical Field

call24 secure messaging

With the explosion and acceptance of “texting,” doctors have streamlined their communications with their answering services by using texting as a way to receive urgent messages. Secure Messaging and Texting saves the doctor time, both with the receiving the message and not having to write the entire message because they have the details of the emergency at their fingertips.  As … Read More

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The First of Its Kind: Texting the Dr.

I received what I thought was a very simple service request from a doctor a few months back.  The doctor was requesting a group of phone numbers that other doctors could dial direct to reach the on call doctor for specific hospital for new admissions. The doctor did not want to use his cell phone because the on-call doctor rotates.  … Read More

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FAQs of a 24-Hour Answering Service

How do you know that you are answering our phones and not somebody else’s phone? Each client is given their own unique phone number.  This number is a “Direct Inward Dial” number, otherwise known as a D.I.D. number.  These numbers do not truly have dial tone but can receive calls on them.  In large offices with many employees, they utilize … Read More

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Family Owned and Run Business in Pleasant Hill: Call24’s History

Call 24 Communications is a Family Owned business and started over 35 years ago. We began in a small converted house in downtown Walnut Creek, which is now the Fremont Bank building. Our family moved from Ohio, the buckeye state, in 1976. Call 24 was started a year later in 1977.  We knew we had chosen the correct location for … Read More

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