Stay Connected to Your Business

Ensuring that your clients can reach you every time they require your services is very important for your business. Most times, delays caused in providing your clients, stakeholders or staff with timely response to their queries can result in loss of money and business opportunities. However, with the growth in technology, there are numerous ways to ensure that you stay … Read More

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Voice Mail may be Hurting your Business

24 hour Answering service | S.F. Bay Area

Always Available It’s hard to run a business and still be available for customers’ calls around the clock. Your phone is the front door to your business and first impressions count. Sending customers to voice mail when they call could be costing your business big time. Having a live person answering your phone makes all the difference in the world … Read More

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Solutions for Property Managers

 Multiple options for your multiple properties. Property Managers manage multiple properties in multiple locations and it’s your job to take care of the people who occupy these…but you can’t be everywhere all the time. At Call24, we understand your property management business requires you to wear many hats and you play a major role in making sure things get done. What … Read More

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What is a Good Employee at an Answering Service Company?

The word “answering service” often brings images of a smoke-filled room with a line of the old cord boards in it. Sitting in front of the cord boards are operators who are very rude and don’t want to be bothered with answering the questions of the caller or indeed, being there at all!  Times have changed.  There are no more … Read More

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Controlling Callers’ Expectations

24/7 Answering Service and Call Center

Controlling a caller’s expectation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to happy callers.  Happy callers will make happy clients. What do I mean when I say “Controlling the caller’s expectations?”  A call center representative is trained to handle each call as it comes in.  No matter how well we are trained we are not part of … Read More

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Secure Messaging in the Medical Field

call24 secure messaging

With the explosion and acceptance of “texting,” doctors have streamlined their communications with their answering services by using texting as a way to receive urgent messages. Secure Messaging and Texting saves the doctor time, both with the receiving the message and not having to write the entire message because they have the details of the emergency at their fingertips.  As … Read More

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FAQs of a 24-Hour Answering Service

How do you know that you are answering our phones and not somebody else’s phone? Each client is given their own unique phone number.  This number is a “Direct Inward Dial” number, otherwise known as a D.I.D. number.  These numbers do not truly have dial tone but can receive calls on them.  In large offices with many employees, they utilize … Read More

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