*Legal Answering Service for Your Law Practice*

As technology improves many companies are learning about the advantages of going virtual. Legal firms are no exception to this evolving business practice. Employees experience working at remote locations and different offices.

Call24 can help your firm hold your virtual operation together. Callers will always be calling ‘the office’ regardless of your location.

Secure messaging is a vital part of the communications process. Call24 provides secure message solutions tailored to you and your firm’s needs.

Call us today to see how Call24 can help your practice.

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Holiday Answering Service
We all look forward to any Holiday or time away from work. Time to relax, recharge the batteries and prepare for the year ahead. But what about the customers? Who’s going to answer their phone calls? Maybe not as many but they still come through. This is where Call24 Communications, Inc. phone answering service comes to the rescue while you and your staff take a well-deserved break. Short term phone answering services are the perfect solution and will ensure that your business doesn’t miss a call during the holiday season.
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☎️Ensuring that your clients can reach you every time they require your services is very important for your business. Most times, delays caused in providing your clients, stakeholders or staff with timely response to their queries can result in loss of money and business opportunities.

However, with the growth in technology, there are numerous ways to ensure that you stay connected to your business 24/7.

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24/7 Answering Services means you Never miss a call. Let Call24 project a smile for your business on every call answered by our polite and professional operators. Call today and find out more! 😄

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Voicemail may be Hurting your Business

It’s hard to run a business and still be available for customers’ calls around the clock. Your phone is the front door to your business and first impressions count.

Sending customers to voice mail when they call could be costing your business big time.

Having a live person answering your phone makes all the difference in the world to customer perception and satisfaction. What follows are the hidden costs of using voice mail.

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3 Myths Businesses Believe About Answering Services
With any service, there are myths that tend to circulate, placing a seed of doubt in those who have never used that type of service. When it comes to answering services, some of the same misconceptions arise time and again.

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It's certainly a happy 24th with NBA Hall of Fame player, Rick Barry!
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Your company needs you to be sharp and operating at peak levels to lead your team to success. However, your family and friends need your time too.

When you decide to take that four-day weekend or holiday, you want to get the most out of your down time so you return refreshed. However, deep down you can’t help thinking, “What if I am not there? What if something happens? What if someone gets sick? What if I’m needed? What if I miss that important phone call?"

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