Holiday Answering Service 🎄
(on vacay??)

A team of well-trained customer care specialists at Call24 can support your clients and keep them happy while you’re away.

Friendly virtual receptionists can act as an extension of your business to make sure you never miss an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service or capture new sales leads.

You can script a list of proper responses and if necessary, appropriate call escalation contingencies will be followed based on your instruction.
What do you need help with this holiday season?

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Red Cross Helps Family of Seven in Georgia after Hurricane Michael

Schedule your next donation by going to!

In early October 2018, the Summers Family packed up their life in Lancaster, OH, and moved to Georgia—to make a fresh start. What they didn’t plan for was already looming in the Gulf of Mexico—a strong Category 4 hurricane.

The family survived the third strongest hurricane to make landfall in U.S. history. But sadly, the only home they had ever known in Georgia, an RV, did not.

Thankfully, Red Cross disaster workers were able to step in to help.

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24/7 Live Answering Services

Never miss a call with Call 24’s experienced professionals answering calls for your business.

Let Call 24 project a smile for your business on every call answered by our polite and professional operators.

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🔝Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent

Call center agents or virtual office agents are the human element of your brand that create a lasting impression and contribute to the lifelong value of your clients. Simply put, they are the main determining factor of whether a customer will continue conducting business with your organization.

Here are the top five skill sets and qualities for a successful call center agent:

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Thanksgiving is coming up. Remember to have enough staff on hand to answer your calls. If you don’t call us today!

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#Call24 #Communications 📞 puts customer service first and knows how much you value your customers, and we want to keep them happy just as much as you do.

Our #staff works day and night to ensure that your #customers will always be greeted with a cheerful voice and easy #solutions, leaving them #happy and #satisfied with your service.

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Budgeting for Your Answering Service ✔️

Can your business go without using an answering service in this ever-changing, dynamic corporate world? Most business owners will tell you, “No.” This is especially true when the demands of running your business leave you with less and less time to answer client phone calls.

You know when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.

Therefore it is crucial to have a budget plan that is detailed, inclusive, and realistic.

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