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Today I’d like to talk to you about some of the reasons that may be holding you back from hiring a phone answering service. With any service, there are myths that tend to circulate, placing a seed of doubt in those who have never used that type of service. When I speak to those who are considering a phone answering services, some of the same misconceptions arise time and again.

Patients Want a Specialist to Answerphone answering service

Granted, having a direct line to a professional, especially when dealing with a medical emergency, would be ideal. The next best thing, however, is having a knowledgeable human answer the phone. Patients don’t want to deal with recordings or pushing a multitude of different buttons to get to leave a message. They want to speak directly to a human as soon as a connection is made. Answering services provide that human.

My Business is Too Complicated to Learn Quickly

Call 24 Communications, Inc. works with many different professions. No, I won’t ever be able to extract a tooth or perform brain surgery, but the knowledge of my staff is extensive enough to be able to provide your patients and staff with service that meets the needs we are hired to fill. At our initial meeting, we know what questions to ask and what information we will most likely be required to handle. Your patients will never be waiting for the information they seek.

Phone Answering Service Don’t Provide Good Customer Service

Call 24 Communications, Inc. make an effort to fully train any staff members on proper customer service behavior. Your patients will always be treated with courtesy and respect. I know that emergency situations in general cause high emotions and it is necessary to be able to handle the situation in as quick and gentle way possible. We are ever mindful that our behavior directly reflects on our clients and we perform accordingly.

Do You Have Questions?

There may be other questions you have regarding things that you have heard that cause concern in you. Please feel free to be open and ask those questions. I want you to be comfortable in entrusting your patients to us and will help you know what facts are true and what are simply misconceptions that have developed over time.

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