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Telephone Answering Service: How to decide if you need an
Answering Service

  1. What hours will your telephone lines be open?
  2. Do you need a dedicated person or a shared person to answer the telephone?
  3. What kind of telephone call are you expecting to receive?

Answers to the above three questions will guarantee you better service while increasing your customer satisfaction and the benefits for your business. What are your alternatives you may ask or want to know?

Hours Required

“Clock showing five to twelve. Last minute,stress concept.”

After hours coverage
Holiday coverage
Office lunch/break coverage
Telephone Overflow coverage


Personal Coverage

Team of call center employees working together on office.

Shared Personnel

Services Required

  • Receptionist service
  • Emergency response
  • Event planning
  • Property management Ticket booking line
  • Claims & complaints
  • Donation line
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Product recall
  • Other