Call24 Communications, Inc. is proud to offer the very best in call center services. The call center/answering service industry has changed greatly since we started in 1977. Our growth over time has led Call24 to utilize the leading edge call center technology to better serve our customers.

Call24’s computer infrastructure includes email/message capabilities, web based work stations, emergency battery backup, and much more to efficiently serve you. Custom scripts for each client guarantee a personal call every time. The types of calls we can take is only limited by your imagination. Our Services include but not limited to:

  • 24/7 Customized Answering callcenter2.jpegService
  • Order taking
  • Scheduling (on line or in appointment books)
  • Urgent Dispatch and voicemail

    We look at each clients’ needs and try to customize their account to best fit their needs. Often we will use a combination of our different services working together to best serve you. For example, we may use the customer’s website exclusively, or combined with our software. The decision is yours. If there is any questions related to your unique situation, give us a call. We will most likely have the capacity to accomplish your needs.

    Call24 offers 24/7 Call Center Services for a wide range of industries.