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Online Appointment Setting

24-hour answering service

24-Hour Answering Service

Is proud to announce the ability to do “on line appointment setting”. With Real Time Appointment setting your organization can make an appointment at the same time we are without the clumsiness of an appointment book. With this new system we can gather as much information from the caller as you need. This eliminates the need to then take a message to tell you about an appointment or a cancellation.

Let Call24 Communications help your business with scheduling allowing you more time to focus on customers.

With our on-line system we can set it up to Secure SMS and/or fax or E-mail as appointments come in.  Some clients use the system to fax daily except for same day cancellations which fax or E-mail immediately.  Others will have us personally reach them in the case of a same day cancellation to make sure they received the message.

People call your business and company for any number of reasons. From scheduling call center appointments to taking orders and answering questions, our staff serve as an extension of your company 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

24-hour answering service

If you’re busy, we can help you build and manage your schedule. Your agenda is updated so you can stay organized and effective.


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