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Since 1976

Answering services have been around since last century.  Maybe you have used a 24 hour answering services in the past for message taking or for call forwarding.

With advances in technology, and many new ways to integrate coupled with great customer service, today’s Answering Services do more than you might think.  Here is a list of 5 surprising services today’s Answering Services can do for your business and we at Call 24 Communications, Inc. do exceptionally well.

Lead Collection

Lead or prospect collection is essential in connecting the prospective clients  with your product or service.  Often times it is difficult to keep up with the number of telephone calls businesses receive today.  If you are missing telephone calls or they go to voicemail, you may be missing out on new business.  Did you know that 85% of customers do not call back if you do not answer the telephone.  If you do not value their time, they will not bother with you for long and leave you behind for a competitor.  The good news: you do not have to do it all on your own.  Today’s 24 hour answering services can capture the exact information you want from your potential customers and instantly deliver it to your inbox and/or place it into your CRM.  Even better – an Answering Service can take your calls whenever you want. Call 24 Communications, Inc. can take your calls 24/7 or just after hours, it’s up to you.

Integrate with Your Brand

Have you avoided a partnership with an answering service for fear the personnel will sound like, well, a 24 hour answering services?  You will be pleasantly surprised by how seamless Call 24 Communications sounds today.  A scripting team makes it possible for personnel to capture the information that is most important to your business and often, personnel are asked not to read a script, but rather use it as a guideline for telephone calls.  As long as you choose a reputable Service based in the U. S., like Call 24 Communications, Inc. the personnel will sound like they work in-house and your callers will never know the difference.

Order Processing

Do you find yourself taking customer orders over the telephone in the evenings or on the weekends?  At Call 24 Communications, Inc. we can take those orders for you.  Because 75% of customers think calling is the quickest way to get a response when placing an order, sales will continue to be processed over the telephone.  24 hour answering services can input orders using their own software or they can most likely even use your own sales portal as well.

Appointment Scheduling

When you are busy and do not have time to answer the telephone, it is difficult to schedule appointments or manage your own calendar.  A good Answering Service is able to use your favorite calendaring system to schedule slots for your customers, clients, patients, etc.  Now you have a team of experts managing your telephone calls and you can now focus on managing your business.

Call Reporting

Want to know how many calls are coming into your business every month?  Want to follow the progress of a Direct Mail campaign?  Call reporting makes that possible.  Many 24 hour answering services have monthly call reports that will give your business all the juicy details of your calls.  Reports include overall telephone call counts, call duration, average call duration, a list of every call, the telephone number that was dialed, geographic location, and the result of the call.


As you can see, Answering Services do more than ever before to save you time and money.  To recap, Answering Services can collect leads, use customized calling scripts, process orders, schedule appointments and provide great caller insights. You get all the benefits of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

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