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A time for rest, family, and renewal, the holiday season. Being a business owner, it can be difficult to move away from your duties without being concerned about lost opportunities or disappointing your clients. It’s crucial to strike the perfect balance between unplugging and maintaining contact with your business. Here are seven practical tips to help you strike this precarious balance:

Here are 7 tips to enjoy the holiday season:

  1. Notify key people of your holiday plans – Inform your staff about your upcoming vacation plans a month ahead of time. This advance notice will allow them to finalize projects that require your input before your departure. Additionally, they can assist you in pinpointing any personnel shortages that should be addressed during the holiday season. This may encompass tasks such as customer service, telephone responses, and order processing.
  1. Connect remotely Fully disconnecting from your business might not be feasible. Reach out to your IT department to arrange remote access. Invest in secure technology that lets you handle pressing issues whenever they arise. Prior to your trip, ensure your destination has reliable internet coverage. Schedule specific times for checking your business, and also allocate periods for staying away from electronic devices.
  1. Establish clear authority Select a suitable second-in-command and grant them the necessary authority to manage the business. Notify clients accustomed to direct communication with you that your chosen second-in-command is skilled and capable of addressing their inquiries. It could also be advantageous to introduce this individual to your clientele while you are still accessible.
  1. Create clear lines of communication Effective communication plays a pivotal role in the prosperity of your business throughout every stage. Nevertheless, this necessity shouldn’t translate to being inundated with incessant calls, emails, or messages from your team around the clock. It’s imperative to establish a framework during the holiday season that outlines which individuals are authorized to reach out to you, including those connected to your answering service.
  1. Trust staff to run the business Assign tasks and establish streamlined processes through proactive planning, particularly regarding the management of unforeseen emergencies. Select suitable personnel for specific roles, fostering open dialogues about both your and your staff’s apprehensions. Ensure unequivocal comprehension of individual and collective responsibilities. With these frameworks set up, your team will adeptly navigate operations even in your absence.
  1. Avoid micro-managing from afar – Enable your team to independently address minor issues as they arise. Encourage them to take ownership, showcase their creativity, and collaborate cohesively. This approach also grants you the chance to evaluate the business’s performance in your absence.
  1. Get extra help – Opt for an answering service to manage incoming holiday calls, guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations. Delegate to a proficient answering service that offers round-the-clock phone coverage. This serves as a dual purpose: supporting your staff with a backup and enabling them to take time off during the holidays.

Enjoy the  holidays

Remember the significance of the holiday season. Embrace the festive season and return with renewed energy to steer your business in the upcoming year.

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