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A medical answering service, such as Call24 Communications, can help you deliver improved patient services by providing timely responses and personalized attention around the clock when the patient needs you most. Continue reading to learn how a virtual receptionist can support your practice and improve office efficiency.

Delivering access to quality care is a 24/7 job for medical providers. Patients can get sick at any time of the day or night, requiring access to your services. Unfortunately, patients who cannot reach your office for answers may feel helpless or neglected.

A Medical Answering Service Benefits Staff

Your medical team has one primary job – to care for your patients. A medical office can prove a challenging work environment, being pulled in multiple directions, providing patients in-person care, and answering phone calls. Some phone calls may be emergencies, while others may seek an appointment or a quick answer. At any rate, the phone’s constant ringing can distract those focused on providing in-person care.

With a 24-hour live answering service, you can free up staff time, reduce office workloads, and help to limit distractions. By doing this, employees can focus on care, providing higher-quality service while increasing processing speeds in the office.

An Answering Service Reduces Overhead Costs

Hiring employees to cover the phone may only be cost-effective for some practitioners. Depending on your medical office’s size, it may also be optional. Before you hire additional staff to manage calls in-house, consider pricing an alternative solution, such as a medical answering service. Companies like Call24 Communications pride themselves on providing cost-effective solutions to help medical practices keep overhead expenses in check.

Medical Care with 24-Hour Convenience

You can customize the Call24 Communications medical answering service to meet the needs of your medical practice. We can assist with answering questions about the following:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Medical assessments
  • General health and wellness
  • Vaccinations
  • Medication prescriptions
  • And more

We can provide a live professional to service patients with the attention and care they need when they need it and refer them to your office only when necessary. Consider us an extension of your office, someone to provide the same dedicated patient care and concern.

More Than a Virtual Receptionist

Our professionally trained Call24 Communications staff is specialized in supporting medical offices. We follow HIPAA compliance and protect the security of patient information. We understand the importance of these privacy regulations.

Please contact us for more information about Call24 Communications medical answering service to help streamline the efficiency of your medical practice. By reducing workloads for your in-office staff, lowering overhead employee costs, and improving patient access, Call24 Communications medical answering service is just the solution you’ve been needing.