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1. Around-the-Clock Support to Meet Your Goals

If you’re looking to generate more clients, but find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get the job done, consider hiring a virtual receptionists to help you gain momentum. Virtual helpers are able to tap into IT resources and fit seamlessly into your team – and they are way more common than you think. 

Gartner, Inc. predicted that a quarter of digital workers would use a virtual receptionists in 2021. It’s not surprising the field is taking off, because virtual assistants can provide great value to an organization.

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2. Optimizing Company Processes

When starting a business, there isn’t time to worry about building processes – and if there were time, customer service processes are probably not at the top of the list. When a company is new, they are much too busy developing products, building relationships, and making sales to worry about building processes. However, adding a virtual receptionists to a growing business can be a game-changer.

Virtual receptionists are beneficial for structuring processes because they typically work with many different companies and can recommend processes for your company that they found helpful somewhere else. Hiring an experienced assistant can be like bringing in a process consultant and they can set your company up for future success. Examples of these processes include: filtering communications, creating workflows to decrease customer response times, and developing automation to help customers place orders more quickly.

3. An Extra Set of Hands

If your business is on a growth trajectory an extra set of hands may be urgently needed, but who has the time to recruit new staff? An answering service, or virtual receptionists, could be the perfect addition to the team. Experienced, professional, and organized assistants can help to answer phones, set appointments, or take orders – they help to pick up the workload during busy times. Even better, they won’t require a desk in your office to do this type of work, so no need to spend time clearing additional space.

4. Offer Expanded Hours of Service

Finding an answering service that will provide 24/7 support is a great way to increase the hours of your business. And, offering expanded hours can help to generate more clients, giving the impression that your company has a robust staff focused on customers. In addition, a well-staffed team will make clients feel more comfortable knowing that if they have an issue, they can contact your company at any time and receive service.

5. Sales Support Representative

You may choose to use your virtual receptionists as a sales support representative. They can be trained to provide inbox management services and respond to inbound leads, online customer support, or strategic cross-sell or up-sell campaigns for current customers. Most virtual receptionists can be trained in sales support to help generate more clients and reduce sales cycle response times.

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