7 Essentials to Customer Service

24 hour live customer service

1.      Be aware of the 3 things every Customer wants when it comes to your Customer service:

a.     Want to be heard

b.     Want to be understood

c.     Want to be cared for and made to feel important.

2.      S. E. C

a.     Smile

b.     Eye Contact

c.     Comment

3.      Listen to your Customer

4.      Empathize with your Customer when they are having issues

5.      Create solutions for your clients issues

6.      Clarify the situation with your client or customer

7.      Follow up with ALL of your clients and customers

a.     Follow up with a telephone call

b.     E-mail ‘Thank you’s!’

c.     Drip Campaign: (1)invite customers to events, (2) send them coupons, (3) send them ‘white papers’ that show \case a problem your client/customer maybe having or that is a challenge in their industry

Please feel free to comment or share your best Customer Service tips with Scott@Call24.com.

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