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I am asked quite often why a small business would need an answering service. There are several reasons that an answering service is a good investment, regardless of the size of business you currently have.

Time Saving

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When you are running a business, manpower is very limited. Having to run around and do everything yourself, including answering random calls, appointment confirmations, and calls for  scheduling can add up to a lot of time. The time you spend answering these calls throughout the day can be better spent working with current in-person clients and other tasks that help your business run smoothly. You can concentrate returning calls when it is most convenient for you.

Money Saving

If you have to take time from current clients, they can become agitated and leave. On the other hand, if new clients are calling to set up appointments and not getting an answer, they may go elsewhere. Having an answering service makes it possible to keep both customers happy at the same time. This insures you don’t lose someone’s business, and the associated income.

Preparation for Growth

Having an answering service in place from the beginning makes it possible for your business to grow without having to stop and take time to find new sources of help. A business needs to grow at its own pace and any kind of interruption could be detrimental to that growth.

Time Off

Everyone needs a vacation, a day to spend with family, or simply an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Having an answering service allows you to have all these things without worrying about customer service. When you are able to get those breaks, you are better able to deal with clients in a positive manner that keeps them returning.

 Final Words

I like to tell those with small businesses that an answering service is like an investment in the future. In addition, it shows professionalism to prospective clients and shows confidence in yourself and your business. Give yourself the gift of hiring an answering service. You work hard, allow someone else to help you out so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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