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I have covered many reasons why an answering service can be an excellent investment for the small business owner, but small business owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit greatly from an answering service. I have found many of my clients who are involved in the medical profession have told me what a difference using my service creates for them.

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits offered by having a reliable answering service is peace of mind. The very nature of your profession means there are emergencies, and they normally occur late at night, on holidays and during weekends. You can’t physically be available 24/7, yet you want to be there for your patients when they need you. That’s where I come in. By providing a place for patients to call when they have emergencies, I am able to see that you are free to enjoy your off time with family and friends, free of worry that someone may need you and you not be available.


Your staff has a lot do and verifying appointments, answering questions about your availability or if you accept a certain type of insurance can take time aways from their other duties, ones they are specially trained to handle and can’t be delegated to someone else. When you consider how many of these calls are received on a daily basis, you can easily see the amount of time that could be better utilized if you had the calls taken by an answering service.

Patient Relations

Your practice is based on keeping patients happy and making them feel important and cared for. By having the ability to provide them with a way to make contact at their most needy times, you allow them to understand that their needs are important to you. Happy patients are lasting patients.

Text Messaging Capabilities

In accordance with HIPPA, we’re able to offer text message answering service for the medical community! This helps doctors communicate with their staff and patients, sending personal medical information, and still protect the privacy of the patient. HIPPA compliant text messaging is secure and will transform your practice to be much more efficient!

Final Words

Your patients are important, but so are your staff and your family. Contact me today and I can help you see where at least one area of your busy life can be made easier to deal with, reducing stress and allowing you time to focus on the most important aspects of your life.