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Since 1976

1. Be aware of the 3 things every Customer wants when it comes to your Customer service

  • Want to be heard
  • Want to be understood
  • Want to be cared for and made to feel important

2. S. E. C

  • Smile
  • Eye Contact
  • Comment

3. Listen to your Customer

4. Empathize with your Customer when they are having issues-5. Create solutions for your clients issues

6. Clarify the situation with your client or customer

7. Follow up with ALL of your clients and customers

  • Follow up with a telephone call
  • E-mail ‘Thank you’s!’
  • Drip Campaign: (1) Invite customers to events, (2) Send them coupons, (3) Send them ‘white papers’ that show \case a problem your client/customer maybe having or that is a challenge in their industry

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