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Have you ever thought about how companies receive many simultaneous telephone calls with not one person experiencing a busy signal?

To handle multiple callers you need a call answering service such as Call 24 Communications, Inc.

Telephone line rollover is the method used to allow more than one caller to get through by routing each caller through the next available phone line.

It is important to understand that rollover is not a function of your in-house phone system. A call answering service provider must do it.  You need to ask Call 24 Communications, Inc. to provide you rollover service.  All your callers will dial your main number, and if the first line is in use, the next caller rings in and Call 24 Communications, Inc. will answer.  If all lines are in use the the next caller will never a busy signal.

Call 24 Communications, Inc. will answer any phone lines that are ringing.  If your receptionist is busy answering a call then there is no way that they can answer those callers, possibly and most likely costing you a potential new customer or a dissatisfied current one.

Incoming calls to a single number can be received by Call 24 Communications, Inc.

How many lines do you need?

The simple answer: one line for every caller.  If you need to handle multiple callers simultaneously then your organization will need multiple lines and you will need as many people to answer as there are callers to answer them.  How cost effective would that be?  If you have three or four calls coming in at once or within a few minutes and the receptionist is already on the line taking care of a caller you would need another two or three people to answer the other incoming calls.

In other words, the first caller rings through on the first physical line and the next caller “rolls over” to Call 24 Communications, Inc. seamlessly and smoothly without the potential customer or current caller knowing any differently.

All Callers will never get experience a busy signal.  So if you want to support a high call volume for your business and you it is important to you to not lose potential clients or have current customers dissatisfied you will want to engage the service of Call 24 Communications, Inc.

How does Call 24 Communications Work with Rollover?

All incoming lines that are organized in a rollover hunt group are connected to Call 24 Communications, Inc.  All callers dial the same main number.  The first caller will ring through on the first line and your in-house receptionist shall answer the call.  The next caller will come through on the second, third and fourth line and all will be answered by Call 24 Communications, Inc.  When your in-house receptionist is finished with the call on the first line they will be free to pick up a call.  It makes no difference which line a caller comes in on. Call 24 Communications, Inc. will handle all callers the same, quick professional way as they are part of your organizations work force.  

Do you have a well thought-out plan?

If you are the one responsible for setting up the phone system, there are things to consider.

Do you know how you will handle all of your callers simultaneously?  Do you have enough personnel to answer all the calls?  If not, then why not just have one line and let the overflow go to Call 24 Communications.  Call24 can transfer calls to different departments, mobile telephones, a specific person, another location, take a message, text you a message or to another option you designate.

Now you know what is behind a well organized company with lots of callers.

For more information or to get started with Call 24 Communications, Inc. please reach out to Scott Zimmerman at 1-888-9Call24.