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Can your business go without using an answering service in this ever-changing, dynamic corporate world?  Most business owners will tell you, “No.”  This is especially true when the demands of running your business leave you with less and less time to answer client phone calls.

You know when it comes to quality, you get what you paid for. Therefore it is crucial to have a budget plan that is detailed, inclusive, and realistic.

Budgeting for Your Answering Service Costs

So, how exactly do you go about budgeting for your answering service costs?

  1. Determine Your Call Volume

The higher the number of calls your business receives in a 24-hour period, the more you should expect to pay. Call volumes differ from business to business and from one practice to another. A higher call volume may be a factor of an effective marketing strategy or the delivering of poor products or services. The latter should be minimized to cut on budgeting answering service costs.

  1. How Long Does a Typical Call Take

If your business calls last between 30 seconds and 1 minute, you will get lower charges from your answering service, than calls that last longer.

  1. What Type of Services Do You Need?

Decide on why you want to hire a professional call answering service. Is it for customer service, taking orders, scheduling services, dispatching services, or answering questions? Or do you want a mix of the services? Some services are also tailored for specific industries. The more you require in a package and the more specific your industry is, the more you will want to work with an answering service that has a customized package for you.

  1. Go Online to Review Your Options

Do your research when selecting an answering service firm for your business. Compare their expertise, services, experience, and rates to what you need.  Invest in an answering service that has also invested in skilled professional answering agents and state-of-the-art phone equipment. Hire the best answering service in your budget.

  1. How Much are You Saving?

In our previous article, “Does an Answering Service Costs More Than Hiring a Receptionist?we compared the real costs of hiring a receptionist with that of hiring a professional answering service.

On-site receptionist hiring costs, salaries and benefits, purchasing necessary equipment, and saving on missed sales calls should be weighed against what you will invest when hiring an answering service firm.

  1. How Much is the Call Worth to You?

Finally, calculate your return on investment.  What is the average value of a current customer? What is your current customer retention rate? If your calls are answered 24-hours with the professionalism and care you expect, how will this add to your bottom line?

Final Point

Quality service from an answering service firm can increase your reputation. Likewise, poor quality service will not only ruin your social image it will cost you your business and sanity.  What defines the level of quality service you get is how well you budgeted for it.

Whether you need our answering service to handle your customer service, order taking, scheduling services, and urgent dispatch, Call 24 Communications, Inc. will give you the help you need.  Contact us for a customized quote to fit your needs and industry.