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Since 1976

Call 24 Communications is a Family Owned business and started over 35 years ago. We began in a small converted house in downtown Walnut Creek, which is now the Fremont Bank building. Our family moved from Ohio, the buckeye state, in 1976. Call 24 was started a year later in 1977.  We knew we had chosen the correct location for the business because right outside the door was a buckeye tree! Clearly this was a sign of good things to come.

Wendie Zimmerman was one of the founders.  She was educated at the University of Toledo.  Wendie taught school and had several business ventures in Ohio until moving to California with her family when her husband was transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Scott Zimmerman is Wendie’s son and co-owner of the business.  Scott attended San Ramon high school, and went on to San Diego State to earn a degree in finance.  Scott started working at Call 24 in 1994, but in reality, he grew up at Call24. He was there often during summers, learning the ins and outs of the business.

Back in 1977, Call24 had the old cord board as seen in many movies. Unlike today with call forwarding, our clients were hard-wired to us.  Being hard-wired to each other is the same as two phones in the same house. We could pick up over our clients and vice versa.  At the time, the operators had to count the number of rings to avoid picking up over the clients. We took message by hand and often enough, operators had trouble reading the hand writing of fellow operators! What a disaster!

We have one of those cord boards that was used in our office as an antique, a reminder of days gone by, and how far technology has come. Each account on the cord board had a label with the account’s name, so we knew who we were answering for.  Ironically, many of the labels left on the cord board are still clients today.

Of course today everything is computer, and we can laugh at the antiquities of the past.

Call 24 started with 2 cord boards 37 years ago.  We now have 20 computers driving the company. Scott was 8 when Call24 started and he is now in his mid 40’s.  Wendie is spending more time with her grandchildren and less time at Call24, but she will always be the heart and soul of Call24.