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We all look forward to any Holiday or time away from work.  Time to relax, recharge the batteries and prepare for the year ahead. But what about the customers?  Who’s going to answer their phone calls?  Maybe not as many but they still come through.  This is where Call24 Communications, Inc. holiday answering service comes to the rescue while you and your staff take a well-deserved break.  Short term holiday answering service are the perfect solution and will ensure that your business doesn’t miss a call during the holiday season.

There are 3 types of phone answering services that can be used for short term relief. The services come with a landline number to which you would divert your main business number or any other numbers relating to the business. A 24/7 live telephone operator will then answer the calls in your business name and take messages or transfer the calls to a designated answering point.


Although voicemail is a popular choice for out of office messages, it is not recommended for main business numbers. Leaving a voicemail message always comes with the uncertainty of when the message will be heard. This is why customers prefer to speak to a live operator. It creates confidence that the message will be passed on, and because the operator is representing the business, the caller presumes that they are talking directly to the company.


Answering services can be used as needed, all you have to do is to activate or cancel the diversion to the live answering number.  As the scripting and company details are already on file, they are ready to go at any time.  This is a perfect solution for relieving the reception staff during Christmas parties and other events.


All calls to Call24 are recorded and a report is generated.  It is easy to ensure that all messages have been reviewed and followed through.  The report includes contact details and the message so no more hand written notes and rushing to write down the message.

A holiday answering service is truly a perfect business companion.  In today’s environment customers expect a lot more from a business. First impressions and creating an exceptional customer experience is integral to building a successful business. Short term phone answering services are a perfect way to ensure their expectations are met.