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Professional Answering Services Boost YOUR Growth!

We as businesspeople face immense competition, and that is why it is important for us to focus on ‘customer care and support.’  That being said, most small to medium businesses do not have an ‘in-house’ customer support service department that caters to the inquiries/complaints of their customers 24/7.

Some businesses have a full-time receptionist; however, in this 24/7 world we live in, after office hours go unanswered and those customers, especially those with concerns & complaints, leave, maybe never to come back.  This is bad for business and our reputations in the market. Unhappy frustrated customers spread negative word-of-mouth, which effects our businesses image negatively.

Invest in a professional answering Service for better reputation and productivity

Using a professional answering service, like Call 24 Communications, Inc., we enhance our customers’ reputations and staff is more productive. I no longer have to concern myself with attending customer calls and working with their multiple inquiries and possible complaints.  Each and every call is managed by a skilled professional expert who are well trained in telephone etiquette and active listening skills.  We answer every call, weekends, and holidays as well. We record every telephone call for your reference, and from these reports, our customers can understand what customers feel/think about your service. With the reports provided, you as the business owner can makes changes for customer improvement and satisfaction.

You may ask, how can my business grow with professional call answering services?

It has been my experience that when customers have a positive experience with our services, they are happy customers and they spread positive word-of-mouth and on-line reviews.  As businesspeople we know that we have competition and all of them to one degree or another are vying for customer attention. This is where businesspeople may want to be prudent and invest in ‘customer support and care.’  Customers make or break our reputation in the marketplace.  The most powerful and effective way for our customers to feel positive about the experience is to have a professional call answering service dedicated to giving each caller complete and undivided attention for all calls they make to your business.

Improve the after-sales service and support to customers

When a customer purchases a product or service from us or you, there is an expectation of good after-the-sales service. Professional call answering service are cost-effective solution to ensure that our customers are well taken care of after the sale is complete. Service after the sale will boost profitability of your business as every call after hours is answered professionally and our customers know that there is someone to answer our calls regardless of the time of day or night. Engaging a professional call answering service engenders trust, credibility, and reliability for our business and can for yours. This helps us gain, and it will you as well, a strategic advantage in the market over our peers. 

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