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Ensuring that your clients can reach you every time they require your services is very important for your business – Stay Connected. Most times, delays caused in providing your clients, stakeholders or staff with timely response to their queries can result in loss of money and business opportunities.

However, with the growth in technology, there are numerous ways to ensure that you stay connected to your business 24/7.  

Here are five ways to ensure that you stay connected to your business:

  1. Plan Ahead

Communication is key in business. Determine when you need to be connected to your business outside of your work hours and in what way. Create processes to provide superior customer service, increase sales, and avoid miscommunication.  By taking the time to develop systems in your business, the easier it is to delegate these tasks to your in-house staff and outsourced staff.

  1. Get Social

Most of your current or prospective clients are active on social media. To ensure that you stay connected with them, ensure that your company’s products and services are connected to the social world. You can do this by linking sales, marketing, services, and products to a customer platform in the cloud where your target audience can directly connect with you socially.

  1. Use Cloud Services

Services such as Dropbox and Google Drive not only give you the capability to store business data but also allows you access to information whenever and wherever. With cloud services, your business team has real-time collaboration on shared documents, eliminating sending back-and-forth of emails about a specific project. Cloud services provide virtual workplace and a platform for you and your employees to always be productive from anywhere at any time. Discuss your needs with your IT department to ensure the cloud service has the features and security your business requires.

  1. Choose Proper Data Coverage

Check on the network coverage and internet connectivity when you are on the go.  The right mobile device and data plan are important to avoid dropped important calls or missed texts and emails from your staff, clients, or stakeholders.

  1. Use a Customer Service Platform

Choose a customer service system that is easier to use and tracks responses. Do your customers want to contact you by phone, email, text, online, or all of the above?  Have one system that collects all requests and avoids losing any customer requests.

  1. Hire a Virtual Receptionist

It may be critical for your business to respond to your customers as soon as possible.  But do you really want to be the one answering the phone in the middle of the night?

Your budget may not allow you to hire several full-time, in-house receptionists to answer your business calls.  A virtual receptionist can answer your calls 24/7, redirect, leave voicemails, transfer callers, text, email, and email without having to be in a physical office. Virtual receptionists allow your customers receive 24/7 service without having to hire multiple in-house receptionists to cover those shifts.

Being away from your business and still managing the business affairs can be challenging.  Choose the best resources and stay connected for your business and you will manage your operations with ease no matter where you are.