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  1. People Like People
  2. Never Miss A Sales Call Again
  3. Saves you Time
  4. Saves You Money
  5. Increase Your Productivity

‘Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need Telephone Answering Services

1.   People Like People – How many times have you called a new company only to get a voice mail; or worse no answer at all.  Most potential clients will not wait to be called back they just call the next number on their list until they speak to someone.  When prospective clients are searching they have a limited amount of time to find what they are looking for.  55%+ of people will buy from the first person they speak to that can provide them with what they need.  Answering a telephone call increases the opportunity for sales. 

2.    Never Miss A Sales Call Again – Missed calls cost you money.  Answering the call quickly and professionally while creating a positive first impression gives your callers the confidence to do business with you.  85%+/- of callers will not call back.  Call 24 Communications, Inc. is one of your only services that is likely to make your company money.  For more information or to get started go to Call24.com or call Scott at (888) 922 – 5524. 

3.   Saves You Time – You simply do not have time to answer the telephone or you can not handle the volume of in-bound calls coming into your business.  Call 24 Communications, Inc. ensures that all calls are answered promptly no matter how high the call volume and can answer simultaneous calls coming in.  The receptionist asks all the right questions and filters out the calls you do not want and forwarding only the calls you do want.    

4.    Saves You Money – Training a new person to be a receptionist cost over $30,000 per year.  Consider that a full time receptionist working full time takes calls 1/4 of the time and quite possibly that makes them the least efficient staff member probably in your organization.  By using Call 24 Communications, Inc. you can save thousands of dollars annually.  Call 24 Communications, Inc. packages start for as little as $150 per month; and that is for a team of trained receptionists not for just one receptionist.

5.    Increases Your Productivity – Receiving a call during the middle of your work day is the single biggest distraction.  It takes 23 minutes on average to get fully focused and engaged in your task prior to answering the telephone.  Call 24 Communications, Inc. telephone answering service can take all of your calls, filter them out and forward only the ones you want to receive or take a message or forward a message to you via text/e-mail for you to look at when you take the time.